Soap Gift Wrap Box

Soap Gift Wrap Box

SKU: OG0001

Something for gift giving.

First, choose a soap bar from our soap bakery section. Then, add this add-on for a gift packaging.

● Your chosen soap bar will be packed in a craft gift box with tissue wrapping paper‎ (colors may vary) & ribbon tightened

● It includes one Soap Mesh Bag (colors may vary)

● You may add a personalized gift message. It will be printed on a Cardstock Paper


** Price does not include soap bar



  • Gift Box Size

    5" x 5" x 1.5"

  • Soap Mesh Bag

    Helps to create foam easily. Drawstring designed for quick dry by hanging on the wall. 

    To use:  Easily put a soap bar into the mesh bag, wet it and rub it with your hands. Foam will create and apply onto your body.

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