Pineapple Bubble Bar

SKU: OB0004

A solid bubble bar in pineapple shape.  Each bar produces fluffy bubbles when held under warm running water.  This giant bar is good for at least five regular bath. 



  • To Use

    Break off a chunk,  crumble the pieces and run it under warm running water. it dissolves to create the bubbles. For maximum bubbles, dissolve the bar at the beginning of your bath.  The longer and harder the water is running, the more bubbles you'll create. Enjoy!!!

  • Ingredients

    Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate - SLSA, Epsom Salt, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Fragrance, Essential Oil, Polysorbate 80, Colorants

  • Weights

    Approximately 10 oz per bar

  • Caution

    Our bubble bar is filled with natural oils such as Shea Butter & Cocoa Butter to moisturize your skin, it will make your skin + tub shiny & smooth.  Be careful when entering and exiting your bathtub. Keep out of reach of children.

  • Scents

    The Scents: Pineapple Flavor

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