Lavender Bath Salt
Lavender Bath Salt

Lavender Bath Salt

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Lavender Relaxing Bath Salts

The Himalayan pink bath salt penetrates your skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and nourished.

Combine with pure lavender essential oil benefits from combating stress and fatigue. Helps to relax and provide relief to cramped muscles and muscle aches. It also helps to deep clean your skin.

Lavender Essential Oil - This essential oil is 100% pure with a strong and appealing fresh lavender scent.

How to use:      
Take a few scoops of the salt and pour into your bath under warm running water. Then sit back & begin your relaxation process. Soak for 20-30 minutes. Relax!

Himalayan Sea Salt coarse and fine grain, Dead Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Lavender Essential Oil, Cornflower Petals, Red Rose Petals, Dried Lavender and Calendula


If you have any allergies, please carefully read the product ingredients prior to purchase. 

8 oz in glass container

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